Firming and anti-ageing treatment

Firming and anti-ageing treatment

that uses active concentrates with low molecular weight,

which brighten and protect your skin.

Rediscover the pleasure of having sun-kissed skin!

Facial cleansing


oxygen therapy


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Health and beauty of your face

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The environment that we live in is hostile and aggressive to our skin which, in addition to being a mirror of inner well-being, also protects us from everything that surrounds us. Stress, the external environment and ageing change the natural softness, hydration and firmness of the skin.

The Centro Estetico Malò offers specific treatments which can cure all types of skin blemishes.ella pelle.
​Il centro estetico Malò propone specifici trattamenti per dare una risposta concreta ad ogni inestetismo della pelle.


The most precious natural substances, cleverly combined with specific cosmetic preparations guarantee maximum tolerability and achieve extraordinary results.

  • Ossigenoterapia iperbarica

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Revolutionary treatment that improves blood circulation, with anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and anti-bacterial action. It increases cellular oxygen and vitality. The perfusion of oxygen with the airbrush allows deep penetration of the low molecular weight active substances: vitamins, elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, trace elements, capillary protective serum and anti-acne serum. A cocktail created for you, to hydrate and take care of all skin types.

  • Trattamento radiofrequenza

Radio frequency

It is an effective bipolar device used for the treatment of wrinkles and skin imperfections caused by facial and body slackening. The treatments are useful for improving and rejuvenating the skin's appearance, it counteracts blemishes that occur over time. In addition, it stimulates the regeneration of collagen by reactivating cellular metabolism.

  • Pelle sensibile

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs a normalising, calming, gentle treatment to protect it. It requires formulations that are easily tolerated and extremely moisturising. Sensitive and reactive skin sometimes responds to even slight external influences. Light, normalising formulations offer optimal care for this skin type. Our products stabilise the physiological barrier function and improve resistance.

  • Pelle esigente

Problem skin

(Dehydrated, devitalized, plagued by wrinkles and / or skin spots, lifeless). Problem skin tends to dry up, reacts more to external influences and often looks tired. The first fine lines are the most obvious sign. It is time to give the skin a professional cosmetic treatment that ensures intensive hydration and reactivates and protects it at the same time.

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